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Host A Party - Create Jobs - Break the Cycle

META24 (learning system) & MZUZI (storefronts) are catalysts for economic development and developing self-determination for our most disadvantaged talented youth. Our mechanism of support is through buying their products. Most of these youth have no network. Their goal is not to just become entrepreneurs but to learn transferable skills and to have a side hustle as we find them meaningful work. You can further their endeavors and the cause of the company by organizing selling parties at your home, business, or at one of our stores.


Invite friends, colleagues, church members, etc. over for a social impact party. Get a hold of us at and we will contact you about hosting a party. We make it easy. We will either drop off products or you can showcase what is online. You can choose a presentation with some of our CEOs or follow the steps below. Inform your friends that they can pay with cash, credit on secure site, or check payable to MZUZI. Invite Template FB.


Once your friends are over you can start off by watching this overview video and hosting a short discussion. You can request a projector if you do not have one or hook a computer up to a smart tv, or they can watch it on their phones.


Exercise – Self Determination Model – Take 15 Minutes to discuss how the concept of developing businesses that they own can impact our youth. We will drop off copies of the sheet with video or you can click on the pic to download. Think of this statistic. By 2053, African American Net Worth will be at 0. How can this help?

The pictures move left to right until the end and then after it is finished, the process moves from top to bottom in five different categories. Get some paper out and discuss how walking into an MZUZI store can change the way a non-traditional student can meet with success and grow in their SDT.

SDT – Self Determination Theory – Relatedness, Competence, Autonomy


Offer delivered or online products ( to purchase. Also, folks can customize orders online or in person like company photo puzzles, pillows with logos, signs, sweatshirts, etc. We do seasonal produce in Chicago only. MZUZI is employee-owned and money goes to production, rent, and salaries. We are currently trying to purchase a student-owned warehouse for larger manufacturing and vans for logistics. We also work with Gooddler and other agencies if people want to purchase gifts for homeless shelters, transitional homes, etc. For example our students made bibs and blankets for New Mom’s in Chicago.


We will come by and collect the money, leftover products, and any customized orders. Subscribe to our blog to learn more information or reach out to us about the social impact your purchases will make in helping us break the cycle of dependency. Please ask your friends and companies to set up similar parties. We have “META24 Tank” opportunities to volunteer to help improve products, suggestions, etc.

For donations and larger subscription packages, we connect you directly to the schools that run invest in META24. Depending on our state or your interest, we can redirect you to set up production. Want to Earn Commissions on Corporate and Large Party Hosts? Contact Us. 



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