MZUZI Lotion – Body Butter


MZUZI lotion is an all-natural body cream that will leave your skin feeling better than ever! Skip out on all the chemical filled lotions found elsewhere and treat your skin to one of our scents which include:

  • Baby Powder (Fragrance)
  • Lemon (Essential Oil)
  • Strawberry (Fragrance)
  • Lavender Chamomile (Essential or Fragrance)
  • Vanilla (Essential or Fragrance)
  • Winter Green (Essential Oil)
  • Lavender Vanilla (Essential or Fragrance)
  • Japanese Citron (Fragrance)
  • No Scent Natural
  • Piña Colada (Fragrance)
  • Blood Orange (Essential Oil)
  • Rose (Essential or Fragrance)
  • Tea Tree + Lemon Grass (Essential Oil)

MZUZI all natural body butter lotion is handmade from all natural ingredients such as shea, beeswax, coconut, Vitamin E and essential oils.
Our lotions come in a standard 8 oz jar or the travel 2 oz size.

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