MZUZI Chest Subscriptions


MZUZI subscription boxes come with all natural products made in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago. Get a one-time box, or fill it up monthly, quarterly, or at your leisure. Each box contains products individually owned and made by students in their META24 labs. Purchase outright, or you can pay on a subscription basis. Each month a new product will be added for you to sample. If people want more, they can order online, otherwise, we will ship directly to you. A bright yellow MZUZI box will show up for you to refill your subscription. The boxes are ideal for your office or family to get civically engaged and enjoy high-quality products that we are sure you will fall in love with. We can also set the payments up for a corporate tax right off which will go to sponsoring young CEOs scaling up their business. Thank you again for your purchase and ongoing support.