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In one unit of study Claudia James completes a project that combines expository writing, algebra, biology, chemistry, and reading comprehension. The crazy thing is that she did not even realize that all of that took place. Claudia owns a company called Hypno Lips and her goal was to prepare for mass production. In order to do this she needed to create a production video and book to train other students or hirees to fulfill her orders.

Yes, she knows how to make lip balms, but she also knows how to edit the video shot for her.

This is where personalized learning is relevant for students demanding an immediate return on their education.

There are so many sub skills layered into these task but the most important one is to consider that this project is groundwork for more fulfilling tasks and therefore it becomes more personalized.

The prerequisite to getting to this point was a series of other task such as a project proposal, getting a prototype right, building a basic webpage, and understanding a preliminary budget. The personalized learning also provides specific courses to the interest of the students depending on their business interests.

The META24 labs and curriculum require a skills based competency schedule that allows for a truly personalized experience. Mastery of certain skills and spiraling of others changes the way teachers plan, and makes their experience with each student that much more personal. We must keep reevaluating and innovating ways for all students to experience the ultimate success.


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